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Wall Street Technologies Scam

Wall Street Technologies Scam Review

Welcome to my Scam Review of the new product on the Binary Options market, Wall Street Technologies.

So when we first get to the Wall street technologies page we come to quite a nice slick looking website compared to a lot of other scam binary options products out there.
Wall Street Technologies is not a bad name and gives us the impression that we are being given the chance to access some really professional software that the ‘Wall street’ traders are using. Do not be fooled. Anyone can put Wall Street in the name of their product and it doesn’t necessarily mean a thing.

As we often see with these products that have added the false scarcity aspect. Telling us there are only 10 copies left and then counting down quickly until there is only 1 Copy left. This is supposed to make us rush into signing up for that ‘very last copy. Funnily enough though if you leave the website and come back again you will find that they suddenly have another 10 copies!! This then counts down to 1 again, and strangely that 1 copy never goes, it is being saved ‘just for you’!!

Wall St technologies scam
In the video I am told that if I don’t sign up ‘TODAY’ then I lose my chance, there will be no more chance tomorrow. ‘This is your one and only chance today’ This is a lie. I took the risk yesterday and thought I’d have another go today and behold I still have a ‘chance’, ‘but not tomorrow’! This scaremongering into rushing to get the product quickly always puts me off. If it was so great and popular why then are they trying to rush us instead of letting us decide in our own time? I’ll tell you why. Because if we think about it long enough we will realize that Wall Street Technologies is a total scam.

In the video I am also told that the page is security cookied??? What does that even mean? Supposedly it’s only shown to one person once and that’s it. Another lie! You can see the page as many times as you want and each time you will recognize more and more lies.Wall street technologies scam testimonials

Wall st tecnologies review

The testimonials are completely fake.

Every picture has been bought from ‘Shutterstock’. Here is an example of one of their supposed earners.


As with many of these scams most of the video just goes on and on about how great it is to be rich. This Is a great way of distracting desperate investors from the fact that there is no real information available about how the software is actually meant to work. What would it be like to earn $12,000 a day? What would it be like to have millions? How great would your life be? ..Blah blah blah! Wall street technologies scam

SO what does it actually do?

Well this is where the algorithms come in. Wall Street technologies is another auto trader and the only place I’d put my money near it would be to bet my money that it is most definitely a scam!

They also encourage the client to take any bonus that is offered, as many of you know this is very risky as most bonuses requires massive trading turnover before you get to see any of your invested money.

This auto trader by Wall Street Technologies Scam is likely to take your initial deposit and trade it away very quickly until there is nothing left for you.
And of course they only work with one broker- surprise, surprise! And that broker is Royal Binary. So my conclusion is…  don’t bother, in fact make an actual effort to stay away from Wall Street Technologies and their recommended broker.

If you really want a decent binary options software product, stick to a good trend indicator that allows you to make your own trading decisions. Don’t let products like Wall street technologies lead you to believe you will never get trading binary options. Use a reputable broker (there are plenty of them) and if you feel support would help look out for independent training and software.

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