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Mad Max Profits Scam Review

 So ‘Mad Max Profits’….Oh Dear, need I say more?mad max profits scam

mad max movie

What a ridiculous name that shows that this product has not been intended to be around for long.

Why the name? I guessing it’s because the new Mad Max movie has just been released?


Supposedly not; in the introductory video for Mad Max products our narrator, David Finn, claims that he has ‘legally stolen’ this amazing trading software from a horrible man who calls himself ‘Mad Max’.

mad max profits scam review


The story gets even sillier… Apparently David Finn’s wife left him to be with this richer and more successful Mad Max and this is why he is now offering us the software for free- to get back at Mad Max. I have to admit I did find the video animation and story quite funny and entertaining, but legitimate? Not a chance.

The Mad Max profits scam, like many other binary options scams like these has a really long video with this animated story but sadly once again no actual factual information about HOW the software really works.


We also have the News flash mock up. This time with IBN (International Business News). If you see my YouTube video I prove that this video is made by an actor who actually works on He will offer a ‘realistic and professional’ news broadcast for a small fee.

 Madmax profits scam

Any proof of legitimacy at all?

mad max profits reviewThere is a Comments section on the page, with lots of positive messages from so- called users. I tried to leave my own comment but, low and behold, I couldn’t. It thanked me for my comment and then never published it, more proof that it is fake. I also noticed that the next day the same comments were there but with the dates changed, so they just change the dates every day without even bothering to add new fake comments.


   When a company can’t even be bothered to fake things properly it really leaves me in   despair!

   Are we really supposed to be fooled by this drivel?



Mad Max David finn


Of course I didn’t invest my money in the Mad Max profits scam but I did enter my email address. Now of course  this morning my inbox had a good few emails from this David Finn! Don’t you find it funny when these products that are supposed to be so popular and running out by the second are then rammed down our throats through constant email spamming the second we enter our details.

I had decided against using Mad Max profits and they just won’t stop nagging me now.

It’s worse than a ex-boyfriend who can’t accept he’s been dumped!

If these companies are going to play hard to get i.e. telling you to hurry because there are only two copies left, then they could at least stick to their own story.

So is Mad Max profits a scam? After this mad max profits scam review I think that is the only thing we can be sure of here.
Products like Mad Max profits are giving binary Options a bad name.

Stick to trading with a company that allows you to stay in control of your trading and doesn’t play you for a fool with novelty names and childish anecdotes.

But again that’s just my opinion, I hope you found my Mad max profits scam review useful and I’m always happy to receive your thoughts and comments.

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