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Gold Digger Scam Review

Hi there and welcome to my review on the newly released Gold Digger Trading System. As with any new binary options trading system we find ourselves wondering, ‘Is Gold Digger a scam or is Gold Digger Genuine?’

So what is the Gold Digger System exactly? Well it claims to be; ‘The World’s first automated Gold Trading Robot’

Here are the top 4 Gold Digger claims and my take on them
No-BS Instant Download: ‘No-BS’ really? I guess that means Bulls&*t, now that’s professional language!
No Broker Signups: Simply not true as they clearly pass you onto a broker.
No E-Mail Optins: Actually this one is true but is not much of a bonus.
No Payments: True, oh wait! Unless of course you count the payment that is the $200-300 minimum deposit required!Gold digger system

In the Gold Digger introduction video we are faced with another of these robotic sounding narrators, this time with a rather stiff English accent.

Our Gold Digger narrator starts off by telling us how successful we can be if we stick to trading gold. Not just by ‘buying it and sitting on it’, hoping it will grow in value, but instead by focusing our trading on buying and selling gold using the Gold Digger system.

The Gold Digger System has apparently been developed by two scientists named Ronald Kravchuk and Antony Kemble, and impressively these ‘two young rocket Engineering scientists from Mother Russia have discovered a little known loophole to profit on gold’

Although Gold Digger does seem like it could be legitimate and I am leaning towards trust, there are some factors that just don’t add up. And I mean literally; they just can’t add up!!!

gold digger trading scamAs the video goes on it emerges that the entire Gold Digging, oops sorry I mean ‘Gold Digger’ (Freudian Slip?), marketing campaign focuses primarily on these two guys, Ronald and Antony. As a Scam investigator this is obviously an open invitation for me to check them out and so that’s exactly what I did.
They are the same names and faces who were apparently behind the GPS Robot. Now the Gold Digger do tell us this and if you check out the GPS Robot site you will find them there. I did of course have a look myself and it doesn’t seem that they have aged a whole lot since then. In fact there aren’t actually any new photos of them at all. The same photos have been used to market both products. Fair enough I suppose, noreal need for us to see up-to-date images.

What do you think of these pictures? Two professional rocket scientists receiving lots of different awards, or two lads having a dayout at a trade show?golddigger system for real




The fact that searching for these guys does bring up a few results does help with the legitimacy aspect of the Gold Digger Trading System. The search results however, are only related to these trading systems, not to any actual awards or professional qualifications body. At an even closer look you will see that a lot of the photos could well have been taken on the same day. Notice not many different outfits for two supposedly very rich men! For two guys who are apparently making so much money I’d be surprised if they only own one suit and tie each! They are posing in front of various logos for different trading companies. I think the image these photos are intended to portray are that Ronald Kravchuk and Antony Kemble are receiving various awards and being hailed for their success. I suspect that the reality behind these photos is that these two lads have been on their best shiny suits and bought cheap tickets to a trading exhibition to have their photos taken in front of lots of logos.

Anyway enough about Ronald Kravchuk and Antony Kemble, let’s look at how we get started….
They clearly tell you the three steps for getting set up with the Gold Digger system:
• Register with the broker
• Fund the Broker
• Receive login details for software

These are most definitely familiar steps. I am not surprised and neither should you be. Remember the ‘No Broker Signups’ promise they mentioned earlier. Need I say more.

Gold Digger is a tough one to read. They do seem to be quite open about the people involved , however not all their claims have convinced me just yet. I need to do a bit more research on this one so for now I am going to hover Gold Digger above my Scam Bin for a while and I let you know very soon if it’s  going in or if it’s safe from the rubbish and get’s my vote.

Scam Review to be continued…

In the meantime please remember you can profit from binary options trading with the right guidance and training. So stick to reputable brokers and trading systems that can be trusted.

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