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Guaranteed Profits Scam Review

Guaranteed Profits Scam Review

Welcome to the Help with Binary Options Scam Reviews. Been asking yourself, ‘Is Guaranteed Profits a Scam?`

With these Scam Reviews you can access thorough and honest findings on Binary Options trading systems, thus helping you to make safe and successful trading decisions.
This week there is a new Binary Options trading system on the market calling itself Guaranteed profits. I will have a closer look at this system and see if it really can guarantee us anything at all.

So Guaranteed Profits Genuine or Guaranteed Profits Scam? Let’s see what we see!guaranteed profits genuine

First thing I noticed was that they work hard to keep you from leaving their site. If you pause the video or click away from the sight they attempt to capture you with this big form. There also try to rush you by saying that site will not be up for very long, so ‘don’t miss out! Both tactics quite annoying!

I can say that the Guaranteed Profits introduction video definitely made an impression on me. Unfortunately it was not a good impression; in fact I found it really irritating right from the very beginning!
‘I NEVER LOSE. The narrator says, ‘I’ll say it again to make sure you’re getting it:’ I NEVER EVER LOSE MONEY’
I’ll tell you, it took me some strength not to just switch of the video altogether after that.
So anyway I managed to force myself to continue watching the Guaranteed profits introduction video. The narrator continues by telling us that if we follow his advice we WON’T EVER LOSE AGAIN EITHER’
Guaranteed profits claims to have found a ‘Loophole’, a ‘hack’, a hush hush little trick that means that they never lose any money trading.
In fact Guaranteed Profits make quite a lot of wild claims;
They are going to help us to makeHUGE CASH.
The narrator says that he is going to give us ‘A FREE CASH BONUS TO GET STARTED, THAT’S RIGHT OUT OF MY OWN POCKET’
This is one of the guaranteed profits outright lies. The so-called ‘free cash’ he is referring to is the bonus that the broker will offer you once you deposit your money with them. Your broker balance will look bigger, but whether you will ever see that money in ‘cash is a different matter altogether.
This most definitely not ‘free cash from his own pocket’

The video then goes on to show off lots of bank and broker balances emphasizing the ‘Huge profits’ we can make.

Guaranteed profits proofThe funniest part is that the narrator then goes on to insult all these ‘internet hucksters… with their so-called proof’ He goes on about how annoying is it when they show you these balances that we are supposed to believe as legitimate when this is exactly what he has just done!
Just when I thought the video wasn’t going to get any more ridiculous I was proved wrong by the Guaranteed Profits Scam Team when they claim that they are even making profits from their losing trades. This claim doesn’t even make the slightest bit of sense.
Now some brokers do offer a small ‘Return on loss’. This is just a small percentage of your invested amount given back to you. For example you place $100 on a trade which doesn’t come through, but the broker still returns 10% ie. $10. This is a way that you can minimize your losses but there is no way it can be referred to as a gain. You have still lost your $90.

No broker is going to let you actually profit from both winning and losing trades. If they did they would be out of business!

guaranteed profits freeAlthough the Guaranteed profits team say they are going to ‘show us’ their secret ‘hush hush’ app they don’t. Instead we are lead directly to a broker and told to deposit our money.

That’s all I have time for on the ‘Guaranteed profits scam’. I suggest you don’t waste your time with them and especially not your money.
Stick to reputable brokers and trading systems that can be trusted. Like I did you can profit from binary options trading with the right guidance and training.

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