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Wonderclicks Scam Review

Welcome to my Wonderclicks Review

Wonderclicks is the new trading software on the scene targeted at binary options traders.

What do we make of this software? Is Wonderclicks the next big money making machine or is Wonderclicks the next big scam?

I’ve had a bit of fun combing through their website and working out what I make of them for myself.

Now the video almost starts of like a movie or dramatized documentary about how many people lives were changed. The accompanying music adds to the dramatic quality of the video testimonials in which some of the reviewers (or performers) seem like they are about to explode with tears of joy at the wonder of Wonderclicks!

There is even the addition of someone translating to sign language in the corner, which may be to improve the accessibility of the video, although many other promotions add narrative text anyway, so I suspect the signing may be there more to add to the illusion of legitimacy around Wonderclicks.

Although the script is obviously in American English, Wonderclicks have used a computerised voice changer of an eccentric British accent, not unlike C-3PO from star wars!

What can Wonderclicks do for you?

So Wonderclicks claims to generate over $9,000 every week- all you need to do is click!
In the video we are told not to miss the chance to ‘Experience this financial wonder’!!
And that;
Wonderclicks is all about transparency and as our members know Wonderclicks is the real deal’

The narrator then goes on to show you an account and some winning trades, but does not explain how it works. We are told that Wonderclicks ‘identifies over 200 trading opportunities daily’. It think that translates to ‘will send you over 200 signals per day’, that’s a lot of signals, but how do we know they are any good? I’m more of the opinion that less is more, especially when it comes to trading signals.


On the Wonderclicks website there are lots and lots of testimonials and pictures of supposed really wonderclicks successful users. I had a look and found that a lot of them are just generic photos from bulk photo and Shutterstock companies. So the there we have it, all these so-called happy money-making members and there is nothing real about them at all.

So what’s the story behind why we are being offered Wonderclicks for free?

Well they claim that they are giving it away for free on the agreement that you will send them a video testimonial saying how you did.
However further into the video the story changes a little and the new reason is that after you 60 day trial you’ll be so impressed that you will decide to become a paying member immediately! They are normally a paid service which apparently costs $25,000 per month. Then they say they will ask you to pay after one month. Then they say you will decide to become a paid subscriber after 60 days. So which is it? 1 month or 60 days??

Some slightly different stories there, guess they couldn’t make up their minds which lie to stick to!

Now I’m obviously not impressed with Wonderclicks even though they claim their software is powered by ‘auto- intelligence’ and helps you to trade at ‘lightening speed’.

They are even telling us that we have ‘nothing to lose and everything to gain’ and we know that this is not strictly true.

The Wonderclicks scam is like many others out there.

They want you to deposit your money into their broke without even telling you how their software works. Don’t let scams like Wonderclicks fool you into thinking you can’t trade for your selves. Of course you can, all you need is a little bit of experience and training from the right sources and you won’t even considerate scammers like wonderclicks in the future.

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