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Trade Sniper Scam Review

Tradesniper scam review

Welcome to my Scam Review on the new trading software called Trade Sniper.

How the software is presented

As with most of these launches we are introduced with a narrated video telling us what makes this product stand out from the rest.

I find the nameTrade Sniper pretty naff! I mean really it seems to be rather childish and aimed at those who may associate sniping with being cool. Possibly I’m stereotyping too much but the name certainly didn’t appeal to me in any way.

Now our narrator and supposed software creator in the video AKA Justin sounds like a pretty down to earth kind of guy. The trouble is I am always looking out for some actual ‘how it works’ info in these videos and sadly they usually seem to come up short.

The Trade sniper is no different. All Justin will tell me is that although it all looks simple there are very complicated algorithms behind it, but we don’t need to understand that, we just need to do what the software tells us. Humph I feel like we’re being told not to ‘worry our pretty little heads about it’, slightly patronizing don’t you think?.

How it works and demonstrations

Justin tells us that we don’t just need to believe him because we can see it in action for ourselves! trade sniper scam review

He shows us one trade that he makes on Gold using the Trade Sniper to tell him whether to call or put. This example only actually shows us one trade and even if it is a legitimate display, it is still dated 9th June 2014, nearly a year ago, so not exactly the most recent results we’d hope to see!

So although we aren’t quite clever enough for him to explain the workings behind the Trade Sniper it is quite clear how we use it.
We choose the asset from our trading platform and then click the relevant button on the Trade Sniper. The Trade Sniper software seems to instantly tell us whether we should choose call or put on that particular asset and that’s it. There is no expiry time suggestion because the trade sniper only works for 60 second trading.

My opinion of 60 second trading is that you should be very wary of it. 60 seconds can be very unpredictable, anything can happen regardless of market conditions. It is a bit too close to gambling for my pallet. Still if you are keen to have a go at 60 seconds trading then you may want to give the Trade Snipe