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Lucky 350 Scam Review

Welcome to the Lucky 350 Scam review here at Help with Binary Options.Lucky350 scam

The Lucky 350 Introduction consists of a pretty short video narrated by what sounds like a voice-changer or computerized voice, but who is supposedly the software developer,

Chris Summers.  chris summers lucky 350

Chris Summers tells us how wonderful it is to be rich enough to have a big house and ‘ buy a new sport car whenever he feels like it’!  He goes on about how he doesn’t have to work at all and he doesn’t even have to wake up to an alarm every day in order to make his millions.  so we are being told the this wonderful software is making people around $20,000 per day. Now that’s a really big promise!  Chris summers tells us that the software uses ‘Artificial intelligence’ meaning it can think for itself and is constantly evolving and improving itself so all we have to do is sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

So there we have it; the Lucky 350 is another Autotrader.

And why is it called the lucky 350?

Could it be a number that is significant to this amazing trading system? Could itluck350 scam review be the developer’s lucky number? Maybe it’s the amount you need to start? Nope, it’s actually nothing to do with the actual system. The lucky 350 refers to us, to you and me; there are supposedly 350 spaces for the lucky 350 people who get to use the system! Oh no: Limited spaces! Heard that one before haven’t we. Even more specifically we are told there are 50 spaces a day for 7 days and it is now day 7! Oh dear! Hang on … it was ‘day 7’ three days ago too, so I’m having lots of groundhog days, time has stood still or the Lucky 350 are lying to us. I’ll let you decide which it is.

Testimonials that don’t mean a thing.lucky 350 scam

So we are soon introduced to a ‘member’ of the Lucky 350. This member tells us that he deposited just $350 and watched it turn into over $18,000 in just 24hours.
We are shown an extremely sincere testimonial where the guy says how wonderful his life has now become. His wife and he are so happy now that they are so rich and they have finally quit their jobs and have found their financial freedom. Very bizarre don’t you think that since he is doing so well his poor twin is still scraping a living on ‘’ Here we have his this very talented actor offering his testimonial services and the Lucky 350 must have been so impressed as they snapped him up to lie on their behalf. Is their system really so bad that they couldn’t even find 1 honest and good testimonial. Oh dear- instant disqualification from club genuine for the lucky 350.lucky350 scamWe are shown screen shots of user’s banks accounts, but as I’m sure you’re already aware these ‘bank statements’ can easily be faked and do not mean anything. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; ‘Do not be fooled’ by bogus account balances! They are not proof!

The lucky 350 scam have not shown me anything that even remotely tempts me to part with my money. As soon as I entered my email they instantly signed me up with a broker of their choice and I’m not allowed any more info until I deposit. Not happening!

This lucky 350 Scam review has to conclude with the lucky 350 going in my scam bin and I doubt it’s ever coming out. If you have a different view or experience of the Lucky 350 please let me know and if you are interested in staying away from future scams please subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep on the ball and out of the scam bin.

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