About me

How I Stumbled into the world of Trading and never looked back

Hi, I’m BinaryOp Girl and welcome to my site ‘Help with Binary Options’!

Like many of you out there I wasn’t sure where to start in the trading industry and it took me a while to find my feet and start making real money with Binary Options.

My first investment was a small one and it quickly disappeared. I thought I could go it alone and I deposited the minimum amount into one broker account; the minimum deposit, which was $200. I won a couple of trades and got carried away. ‘This is easy!’, I thought, a few days later my trades weren’t going so well, I didn’t really have any strategy and my account dwindled down to almost nothing. Disheartened I nearly gave up, but after a bit a lot of research I realized I’d made that common mistake of leaving the broker in control of my money.
Why had I let that happen? Why had I thought my experience would be different to anyone else? I wasn’t going to let that happen again, so I started looking for more independent trading advice; a non-broker who would show me how to trade. There’s not many out there. If you do your research right you’ll see that most of the advice and training comes from the very same people who stand to benefit from you losing your money!
Well I found my way eventually, I learned how to use the brokers to my advantage, how to spread my trades and understand the currency market so I wasn’t taking chances any more. It was almost no time at all before I made back the money I’d invested and I’ve never looked back since.